Shakira Flaunts Pink Hair in “Chantaje” Music Video with Maluma, Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend Shows Off Amazing Body

Credit: Xavi Torrent / Stringer / Getty

Shakira flaunted her pink hair and amazing body for her “Chantaje” music video with Maluma, and fans are in awe of her washboard stomach.

Professional footballer Gerard Pique’s wife is back in action and confidently shook her fit frame for the video performance. The beauty’s body, skin, and blonde hair has been admired for years, and the Colombian star continues to look incredible after having two children.

The 39-year-old rocked a pink colored wig for her “Chantaje” (translation: Blackmail) video, which was filmed in Barcelona, where she lives with her boyfriend and two children. The new single is the first from her upcoming studio album (#11) and tells the story of a man chasing an unattainable woman.

Shakira walks a pig while wearing a black dress with silver details at the hem, and eventually walks into the men’s washroom to change into a black top, shorts and bondage straps along her legs, revealing her flawless skin as she dances. Check out the music video to see the timeless beauty’s new video!

Shakira’s Beauty Secrets

The talented star shared her beauty secrets with InStyle and suggested that if fans want to attain smooth and healthy skin, they should use vitamins: “A good way to prep your skin is to use a vitamin C serum, it does wonders–especially when my skin gets dehydrated. If I’m super dry, I also layer on vitamin E–I just get capsules from the pharmacy and squeeze it right onto my skin. I also think its really important to remove your makeup every night and I using a cleansing brush (or even a washcloth) to remove any impurities.”

Aside from using simple makeup looks, she also suggests wearing sunscreen to protect your skin, and smiling! “I take good care of my teeth and when I knew the campaign with Crest 3D White was around smiling and promoting smiling, I thought it was the perfect fit–it really goes with my life philosophy.”

When it comes to fashion, Shakira keeps it simple unless she’s dressing for a show or music video, “If it was up to me I would just wear jeans and t-shirts, even to red carpets, but then no-one would photograph me so that would make me very sad,” she laughed. “So, you know, I’ve gotta keep up with the rest of the female population and sometimes try a little harder.”

It certainly doesn’t seem like she needs to worry about competition; Shakira is naturally beautiful, is in great shape, and has a wonderful personality to go with it.


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