Shakira Posts Makeup Free Selfie to Thank Fans for 400 Million Views on “Chantaje” Music Video

Shakira Posts Makeup Free Selfie to Thank Fans for 400 Million Views on ‘Chantaje’ Music Video
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for #UpForSchool

After years in the spotlight, Shakira still manages to leave her fans in awe. After just two months of being on YouTube, her “Chantaje” music video has garnered more than 400 million views. Her incredible voice and outrageous dancing skills make her a force to be reckoned with.

Shakira Releases “Chantaje” Music Video

The “Chantaje” music video has everything you’d expect from this Colombian beauty. From killer outfits to jaw dropping dance movie, Shakira’s new music video has it all.

She sports a trendy rose gold wig in the beginning of the video, paired with a black crop top and jewel encrusted skirt. In another scene, she strips off in a bathroom, revealing denim shorts, a muscle shirt, with a lacey bra underneath. In true Shakira fashion, she shows off her incredible physique while performing her signature dance moves. Shakira’s songs never lack passion, and “Chantaje” was no exception.

Shakira Goes Makeup Free

Shakira took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a stunning makeup free selfie with her followers to thank them for all their support. The singer looked absolutely flawless in her photo, sporting a surprised look. She captioned her picture, “400 million views for my latest Chantaje video! This is my OMG face ? / 400 millones de reproducciones tiene ya el video de #Chantaje! Shak.”

This mother of two looked as youthful as ever in her music video, as well as on Instagram—despite forgoing the makeup, Shakira’s age would’ve been a totally mystery to us if it wasn’t for Google! It seems as though impeccable complexion and youthful demeanour will keep her looking younger than her years!

Shakira is no stranger to a makeup-free selfie, often posting pictures of herself with her family in her most natural state. Embracing her natural beauty on social media sets an awesome example for young girls who look up to her. Don’t get us wrong—Shakira slays the makeup game when she’s shooting a music video or on the red carpet, but there’s nothing more beautiful than a bare face.

She recently posted a makeup free selfie with her youngest son, Sasha. The adorable little boy was under the weather, and Shakira wanted to thank her fans for all their well wishes while he got better: “Thanks for all the messages you sent for Sasha while he was sick. Everything is under control now, and he’s back to his cheerful self!”

If you were a fan of The Voice back in 2014, then you remember how heartbreaking it was when she decided to leave the show. However, she told E News that she chose to leave when she found out she was pregnant again and that she had other priorities at the time.

Looking at how cute her son is, we can’t be mad about her leaving… but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t still miss her presence on the show! The singer hinted that she may return to perform on the show, and we can’t wait to see if our speculations are true!




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