Skincare for Men in Their 30’s: Tips for Great Looking Skin

Skincare for Men in Their 30's: Tips for Great Looking Skin
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A man’s skin is not the same as a woman’s. There are numerous and significant differences: men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s so formulas need to work to treat these differences. Skincare for men in their 30’s is an important topic, as this is when most see a change in the appearance of their skin. Skincare products for men have become increasingly popular in recent times as men are becoming more aware of the need for a skincare routine to keep away signs of aging. “Men today are more open to experimentation in skincare than ever before,” says Joseph Grigsby, Vice President of Global Marketing at Lab Series when he sat down with Forbes magazine.

“They are highly engaged consumers. This is big news, and it means that they’re developing skincare routines that focus more on multi-step regimens.” The best skincare routine for men is keeping it simple with easy to use products and lifestyle changes that will give results that men can see.

Once men hit their 30’s, they may start to see some differences in their skin. This is the time when wrinkles may start to appear, or skin may start to get more rough and dry. Sticking to a good skincare routine can make all the difference to looking your best throughout your life. We here at Agein have broken down the best men’s skincare tips on how to achieve sexy looking skin that will keep you looking your best well past your 30’s and 40’s.

ATTENTION dudes: skin care is important for you too!! inspired by a friend who had a reaction/irritation from his skin care regimen, I wanted to highlight some tips for men's skin care: Men luckily receive natural exfoliation from shaving their face. Therefore, the most important aspect for guys is moisturizing. Men's skin care products typically are high fragranced and contain drying ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol for that "masculine scent " that ends up desensitizing skin and leaving irritation. Men's skin care can be simple and include was less products than women's but there are 3 vital staples: ⭐️Gentle creamy wash such as cera-ve for morning and night ⭐️ non-fragranced shaving cream or shaving oil for electric razors ⭐️ post shave balm- to eliminate razor burn and also add lipids/moisture to skin that has been stripped of natural oils from the epidermis after shaving. The best time to shave your face is post-shower when the pores are open from the hot water. This will allow smoother hair removal and less chance of aggravation.

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Skincare for Men

#1 Use Retinoids

Products that contain retinoids are a must if you want to counteract aging. Retinoids assist in stimulating new collagen, which is something that we lose as we grow older. Retinoids can give you a plump, youthful appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles, and also lightening sun spots.

#2 Sunscreens

Skincare experts have been promoting the use of sunscreen for years, and there is a reason for this. Exposure to the sun ages your skin quicker than most other factors, creating premature wrinkles and age spots.

#3 Exfoliate

Skincare for men at home is an easy way to look and feel younger without incurring too much expense. One of the most necessary steps of skincare is to exfoliate; use a men’s exfoliating product that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid helps dissolve bonds between cells, making it easier to buff away dead skin cells and other debris that may have collected on your skin. Another benefit of using a glycolic acid is the growth of new skin cells. The acid helps encourage new skin cell production, making your skin look younger and healthier.

#4 Moisturize

Beyond picking products that are formulated to penetrate deeper down for thicker skin, you need to determine if you face tends to be oily or dry. Many moisturizers are created to target specific skin types, so choose the one right for your needs. If you tend to have a shine on your face throughout the day, be sure to choose a skincare product for oily skin.

#5 Hydrate Everyday

Another skincare for men tip that is easy, but seems to get overlooked. Nothing is more important than keeping hydrated, not only for your skin but for your whole body. Water is the element that helps your skin’s elasticity and helps gives your face a supple, attractive glow.

#6 Regular Exercise

An important tip on our skincare guide: men in their 30’s need to step up their exercise routine, not just for their skin, but for their overall health. Be sure to go to the gym for 30–45 minutes, three days a week to help stimulate your metabolic rate, increase blood flow, and the detoxification process through sweat. This well help remove chemicals from your body that are known to accelerate aging by creating wrinkles and lines.

#7 Get Your Sleep

This is the tip that everyone knows but seems to have trouble with. Sleep is your body’s natural way of restoring itself to a state of homeostasis. Research suggests that the average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Looking well rested is one of the keys to keeping a youthful look.

#8 Reduce Alcohol

Alcohol, particularly wine, contains sugar that isn’t good for the skin. Drinking a high sugar content in alcohol can result in a red face and problems with inflammation. If you can’t resist your evening glass of Merlot, counteract the effects with some green tea to push back against puffiness and wrinkles.

#9 Stop Smoking

One of the most important tips in our skincare guide, stop smoking now! Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it is also horrible for your skin. Research shows that out of the 4,000 chemicals that are in cigarettes, 400 of them are known toxins.  It is not enough just to avoid smoking yourself, as second-hand smoke can also cause skin damage. Steer clear of all smoke and share your knowledge with friends and family so they don’t smoke around you!



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