Sofia Richie Wears Casual Makeup Free Look during Christmas Preparation While Shopping for Brother Miles

Sofia Richie Wears Casual Makeup Free Look during Christmas Preparation While Shopping for Brother Miles
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Socialite and ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie, opted for a casual makeup free look while out on the town doing a little Christmas preparation. The younger sister of Nicole Richie rocked a super casual style, wearing a chunky yellow hoodie and a loose pony. It’s clear that we haven’t been the only ones feeling the stress of holiday shopping, as the Christmas time woes are prevalent on this young shopper’s face! Carrying the cutest little pup we’ve ever seen, Sofia donned an annoyed facial expression while out shopping. She shared a photo of this scene with her Instagram followers, captioning it “How I feel after Christmas shopping for @bobbyskallywags.” The Instagram user mentioned is Sofia Richie’s brother, Miles Richie.

How I feel after Christmas shopping for @bobbyskallywags

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Sofia Steps Out with Gal Pal Nicola Peltz

Sofia Richie stepped out with fellow Hollywood IT girl, Nicole Peltz, for a casual lunch date on Wednesday. Though the two are definitely fashionistas, they’re not opposed to dressing comfy for a girls day out with minimal makeup. Giving off some serious 90’s vibes, both girls wore retro sunglasses. Richie wore denim overalls over a black sweatshirt with the phrase “PLAY DIRTY” written in white across her chest. With her overalls rolled up just past her ankles, she showed off her bright purple loafers. Nicole Peltz opted for a more understated, relaxed look with a grey sweatshirt that read “Unidad Hombres,” with tight black jeans, black ankle boots, and a tiny white backpack. Loving their looks, both girls shared photos of their outfits on Instagram.

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uber richie

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Sofia Richie Skincare Secret

Accessorizing all of her fierce outfits with a youthful, glowing complexion, we’re dying to know what Sofia Richie does to keep her skin in such amazing condition. Of course, being 18 helps. But there has to be something else, right? Fortunately, Richie told E! News her number one skincare secret.

“I sleep in coconut oil,” Sofia told E! News. “I just soak in it … in my hair, on my face, on my skin, all over—it’s kind of my thing.” We’ve heard of moisturizing with coconut oil, but soaking yourself in it while you sleep? Even better! No wonder Richie’s skin has a permanent glow. She says she learned this beauty secret from her dad: “Growing up, my dad used to do it, he still does. So as a kid I would just cover myself in coconut oil, because I used to go like this to my dad [she rubbed her arm] all the time, and I would tell him how soft he was. I wanted to be soft … that’s a weird way to describe myself.” This fashionista may think that’s a weird way to describe herself, but we’d kill to be as soft as she is. We can’t wait to try out this Richie family tip for soft skin—hopefully it works just as well for us!



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