Sofia Richie’s Snapchat Dog Filter Pic at Holiday with Bestie Nicola Peltz

Sofia Richie’s snapchat dog filter pic at holiday with bestie Nicola Peltz
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Staff/ Getty

Sofia Richie took to Instagram to show off a Snapchat dog filter while she was on holiday. Other images posted by the daughter of Lionel Richie and fashion designer Diana Alexander Richie included her hanging out with best friend Nicola Peltz. The two seem to be away for a Christmas holiday and are documenting their time on Sofia Richie’s Instagram.


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The 18-year-old showed and Peltz showed of matching outfits, which included showing off their fit bodies.

Sofia Richies Luxury Vacation with Family and Bestie Nicola Peltz

Sofia Richie’s bikini seemed to be the outfit of choice during her vacation. She was often pictured in a black bikini with white sunglasses. The ex of Justin Bieber recently opened up about the difficulties of emerging from the shadows of her older sister Nicole, but it seems she has finally come out and has begun paving her own way in the spotlight. Although the Bieber/Richie relationship was short lived, it seemed to have thrown Richie into the spotlight, and now all eyes are very focused on her every move.

It’s really not surprising that Richie would emerge as a model as her mother is a fashion designer herself. Richie is not afraid of fashion and is often photographed in bold colors, layers, and other trendy pieces

Both Richie and Peltz seemed to have enjoyed their time away, as they showed off their matching outfits, along with matching captions.

 Sofia Richie Beauty Secrets

Already at her young age, it seems that Richie has some beauty secrets that she keeps. The model swears by her Lancer skin regime, along with loving coconut oil as a beauty product. She has said that while she sleeps, she will apply coconut oil to her skin and hair and allow it to soak in overnight.

Many other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, also swear by Dr. Lancer’s beauty products and secrets. According to Lancer, it’s about feeding your skin from the inside—this means eating nutrient-dense foods to achieve a glowing complexion. With a healthy diet combined with specially designed products developed by Lancer, Richie is able to maintain her flawless skin.

Although it may be difficult for many of us to follow the Lancer regime, at least we can follow Richie’s trick of making coconut oil a top beauty product. Coconut oil has also gained momentum among celebrities and non-celebrities as it has been hailed for its ability to maintain soft, luscious skin and healthy hair. Furthermore, coconut oil can be used in a number of ways including a face or hair mask and for maintaining healthy skin. Better yet, any one of us can go grab it at our local store!

Sofia Richie is finally making her way in Hollywood and is climbing up the ranks of celebrity. She will definitely be one to watch as she in the next few years as she solidifies her imprint in the fashion and celebrity world.



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