Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello’s wife, Shares Hair Inspiration for Winter: “Dulce de Leche”

Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello’s wife, Shares Hair Inspiration for Winter: "Dulce de Leche"
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Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello’s wife and star of Modern Family, took to her Instagram to reveal her new hair. The “dulce de leche” hair inspiration is a trendy hair color for the fall season. The caramel hair color complements Vergara’s complexion well.

Thank u Kelly Klain for my new winter "Dulce de Leche" hair color!!!! I❤️ it!??

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The hair makeover was completed by hair stylist Kelly Klein, whom Vergara gave a shout out to when revealing the hair transformation. Vergara has always been a natural blonde, but when she first started on Modern Family, she was rocking much darker locks. It seems as time goes by, she has been switching up her hairstyle to go back to her blonde roots – no pun intended!

The Colombian beauty showed off the new look wearing jeans and a tank top – pretty simple for the sexy Vergara.

Sofia Vergara’s Hair & Makeup Story

Vergara has previously opened up about her hair transformation from blonde to dark to light again. In a 2014 interview with Redbook, she noted that when she was dying her hair dark brown, she had to dye it more frequently due to root re-growth. Now that she opts for a lighter shade of brown with some caramel highlights, she can go longer periods without dying her hair.

We often see Vergara’s hair with a natural-looking wave, but the actress actually has straight hair. She suggested that her hair doesn’t take well to too much product; and so, to achieve that natural wave, she uses a curling iron. As a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders, Vergara also admitted that her whole family has been long-time users of the brand’s shampoo—maybe that is what helped her land the endorsement.

Vergara is a natural beauty, and her makeup never overpowers her natural look. In fact, it often just highlights what she already has. When it comes to makeup, Vergara likes to keep it simple. She said that she sticks to the same shades of makeup because they not only look good on her, but they are also appropriate for her age.

Previously Vergara would opt for black eye liner, but now that she’s older, she said she opts for browns because the black can be too much at times.

Although Vergara may not always have her hair done, she said she doesn’t go a day without makeup. Wearing makeup was something Vergara did even before she became famous; so each day, she continues to wear it.

In order for Vergara to look her best, she said it takes her about an hour and 15 minutes. She said she is often late to events because she likes to take her time getting ready.

When it comes to the beauty ritual that Vergara enjoys the least, the Colombian actress admitted to not enjoying manicures – she simply doesn’t have the patience for them. Instead, Vergara will often paint her own nails; in particular, she has often done this in the car while off to a Hollywood event.

Sofia Vergara always looks beautiful, no matter her hair color. Although her beauty routine may seem extensive for some, Vergara enjoys the time it takes to beautify herself. And it definitely shows!


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