Sofia Vergara Shows off Tempting Fragrance Gift for This Holiday Season: Grab Black Friday Sales at Kohl’s

Sofia Vergara Shows off Tempting Fragrance Gift for This Holiday Season: Grab Black Friday Sales at Kohl's
Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer

Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, is no stranger to fashion and style. The star hailing from Barranquilla, Colombia, has long been a fashion icon, influencing many of the public’s decisions of clothes, accessories, and fragrances. Hence, it was no surprise when she unveiled her newest fragrance, Tempting by Sofia Vergara, just a few days ago. She also took to Instagram and unveiled it being part of the Tempting Fragrance Gift right before the holiday season and just in time for Black Friday sales. Made by fragrance magnate, Kohl’s, Tempting is the third of Sofia Vergara’s fragrances and one that she has had much input in creating. In fact, Vergara has spoken publicly on the many steps of the fragrance’s creation, and how she’s intended it to work with one’s own fashion sense.

Magic Ingredients

Vergara’s interest in creating or trying new fragrances goes back to her teenage years in Colombia. She never took interest in perfume until the age of 13, when she wore baby cologne to school like many of her classmates. She took an interest in fragrances, what went into them and what sort of social or professional scenarios they were intended for. Slowly she took an interest in different fragrances and progressed to other perfume styles, remembering the first brand of perfume she bought: Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Since then, she’s fantasized about her own perfume and what sort of unique ingredients she’d use in one that yielded a fragrance that reflected her own style sensibilities.

Tempting lives up to this dream, and includes many exotic fruits and floral components: acai berry, pineapple, orchid, jasmine, mandarin, Colombian passionflower, sandalwood, and especially vanilla—an ingredient she “likes in all perfumes.” She has pointed out that the addition of vanilla as a sweet ingredient gets a good response from both men and women. This unique mixture has helped define Tempting by Sofia Vergara as the most romantic-themed perfume she’s made yet.

Perfect Pairing

Vergara has made notes on not only what goes into Tempting, but its container, how its sold, and what effect she’d like it to have on people that purchase it. The perfume has a romance-influenced presentation—sporting a curvy shaped bottle in an animal print packaging box. With that, Tempting is being sold as the Tempting Gift Set—a package that includes a body lotion and perfume. With Black Friday looming, the Tempting Gift Set’s price will no doubt be a hot, discounted item in fragrance outlets around the country.

But in all, Sofia Vergara’s specific directives for what she wanted Tempting to be from inception is what will help make it a popular item. Her intention of having it “like a sleek dress … for the red carpet” provides it with a mystique that comes from her own personality and someone that is truly committed to delivering a unique fragrance unlike any of its kind on the market today.



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