Stella Maxwell Struts on Runway Catwalk with Pop Star Lady Gaga at the VS Fashion Show

Stella Maxwell Struts on Runway Catwalk with Pop Star Lady Gaga at the vs Secret Fashion Show
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

Paris … fashion show … Stella Maxwell … Lady Gaga … everything sounds like it’s in place and a not-to-be-missed great night. And it was. Pop star, Lady Gaga, was on hand at the recent VS Fashion Show and joined model, Stella Maxwell, on the runway catwalk to sing new songs off her latest album, Joanne. Both ladies were a highlight of the event, and provided an exciting counterpoint to each other at an already exciting annual show.

Equal Measure

Held at the Grand Palais in Paris, the lingerie brand’s annual show is a mixture of entertainment and music like no other show. Hence it’s necessary to combine the right modeling and music talent properly to leave audiences spellbound. The Gaga-and-Maxwell pairing didn’t disappoint.

Maxwell appeared on the runway in a bejeweled sheer bodysuit with wings adorned in blue crystals, complemented with golden-strapped heels and natural makeup. Later, she returned wearing lacy yellow lingerie with matching suspenders and an olive skirt. Lady Gaga matched Maxwell wearing a sheer gown with large red roses overlaid on the surface, holding hands with Maxwell as she passed on the catwalk. The two seemed perfectly matched and created a show unlike others that appeared at the event.

Constant Forging

The 26-year-old Belgian beauty, Maxwell, grew up in New Zealand and became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015. She has appeared at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show once before. Since then, many have considered what the formal Belgian model, Stella Maxwell’s, beauty regimen actually is.

Truthfully, it’s fairly rigorous, especially in health and body care:

  • She rises at 6:00 a.m. and does meditation then heads to the gym for a heavy cardio workout, often doing lots of squats and stair climbing exercises
  • She works hard all day at her various shoots, keeping herself recharged with natural fruit juice
  • In between her daily work sessions, she does yoga and stretches to keep herself limber
  • To end off the day, she makes sure she does meditation and more yoga

When it comes to more beauty-specific tips, Stella Maxwell keeps it basic. She prefers regular washes and sunshine instead of skin masks or heavy treatments for proper skincare. While her hair is notable in fashion circles, she tries to avoid hair product applications on her days off to let it rejuvenate naturally.



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