Take Precaution When Using Contact Lens Solution with Hydrogen Peroxide: FDA

Contact Lens Solution with Hydrogen Peroxide

Consumers who use contact lens solution with hydrogen peroxide should follow certain precautions for safe use, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Solutions with hydrogen peroxide are similar to multipurpose solutions when it comes to cleansing and disinfecting contact lenses. Both solutions, for example, are successfully able to remove protein and trapped debris.

When hydrogen peroxide is placed directly on the contact lens, however, it can cause burning, stinging, and other forms of eye irritation. It’s imperative to follow a hydrogen peroxide solution with a neutralizer. The neutralizer, in effect, turns the peroxide into oxygen and water, making it safe to put the lens in the eye. The FDA provides further tips on how to cleanse lenses with hydrogen peroxide-based solutions:

Helpful Tips

  • Before choosing a new contact lens solution, speak with your eye care provider about the best cleansing and disinfecting method.
  • Never share contact lens solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. Others might believe the solution is multipurpose and not follow proper cleansing instructions, which could possibly damage the eyes. As a reminder that hydrogen peroxide-based solution requires special care, the bottle should come with a red warning label and red tip.
  • Contact lenses should be left in solution for at least six hours to complete the neutralizing process.
    Remember to read all instructions carefully and to call your eye care provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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