Taylor Hill, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adores This $8 Shampoo for Her Angelic Waves and She’s Not Alone

Taylor Hill, Victoria's Secret Angel, Adores This $8 Shampoo for Her Angelic Waves and She's Not Alone
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

If you want great looking hair, you have to shell out a lot of money, right? And if you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you have to use a double-digit priced shampoo, no? Well, not always. Ask Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Hill. Her angelic waves of great looking hair are known all around the world. Yet she swears by an $8.00 shampoo and not some high-end brand made from liquid gold and with a shelf price that reflects that. There are also some easy techniques to help create the beachwaving hair that Hill and others have, even if your hair is naturally straight.

Money Well Spent

Taylor Hill’s angelic waves are natural and they were on display during the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, with Hill posting images of her styled hair on Instagram before she hit the Victoria’s Secret runway. Many spectators were amazed and wanted to know her secret.

Hill admitted in an interview that to enhance her beachwaves, she used Salma Hayek’s Nuance Blue Agave Curls and Waves shampoo and conditioner. As an $8.00 dollar investment, Nuance is a very budget friendly hair product that produced Hill’s bombshell waves that she showcases at Victoria’s Secret and other events. This shampoo is readily available on shop shelves with many others globally using it to get the beachwaves they want.

A Little Extra Help

Obviously it’s tough to get one’s hair exactly like Taylor Hill’s even if you used Nuance. Some extra finesse and a bit of a beauty regime are in order. Lead hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, is a pro that can add insight to this. She’s an expert on beachwaving hair and is the mind behind the creation of the Beachwaver curling iron—something that led her to become the official hair sponsor for Victoria’s Secret. Technique-wise, she advises on letting one’s hair cool after using the iron on one’s hair. After cooling, adding some flexible hairspray to a brush that can lock in the desired curls.

Potempa elaborates that getting beachwave hair can also involve using flexible mousse in hair roots while applying a hair dryer simultaneously. This leads to relaxed curls and waves forming in the middle section of the hair. More importantly, beachwaves can be achieved in straight natural hair. Potempa advises to first brush the hair and get it smooth right down to the root, then apply the Beachwaver to put the waves in. She also notes using the Beachwaver Mini Touch Up as well to help eliminate frizz that can arise during the wave-making process.



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