Taylor Hill, Victoria’s Secret Model at 20, Looks Back On How She Was The ‘Butt of Everyone’s Jokes’

Taylor Hill
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

It is hard to believe that, for the brief period of time she spent in high school, 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret model and Angel, Taylor Hill, was teased mercilessly and considered ‘the butt of all jokes’ as she puts it. She says that kids would make fun of her for being tall and skinny, but she did not let that stop her from pursuing her dreams to become a world famous model.

In fact, the teasing only seemed to fuel her fire to finish school early and get out into the real world that much sooner. The joke is on her former classmates, however, because now she is a world famous model who is on her way to becoming a supermodel. A true sign of her immensely successful career trajectory, this year Hill will be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the fourth time… and she is only 20! The show will be taking place in Paris at the historical Grand Palais museum.

The Family Business

Having worked in the modeling industry for six years now, Taylor Hill has a great deal of experience and expertise for someone who is just barely out of her teenage years. At least she is putting that knowledge to good use by advising her younger siblings, who are also trying break into the fashion industry.

She is more than happy to impart all of the industry-related advice and beauty tricks she has mastered over the years to her siblings, and she hopes that this means she will be able to spend more time with them as they advance in their careers. Some of that advice includes her daily beauty routine, which she tends to keep very simple, yet personal.

The Key to Beauty


Aside from being blessed with natural beauty, Taylor also has a few beauty tricks that she likes to use in order to keep up her physique and her good looks. First, there is her insane fitness routine. Being a Victoria’s Secret model, of course she has a personal trainer. But, the exercises that she does can be done by anyone with a gym membership. She does a lot of cardio mixed in with some Pilates to keep her tummy toned and flat.

She also does a lot of butt and hip exercises to keep her glutes in shape as well. Then she incorporates weights into her workout just to make it a little more challenging for herself and to strengthen her muscles. Combined with eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water, this workout works wonders for her.


It suffices to say that Taylor Hill does not need to wear a ton of makeup and she probably knows this, which is why she tends to keep her makeup routine fairly simple and easy to follow. Because she is constantly traveling, she keeps it light on most days with some mascara, a little bit of foundation, and some lip balm.

If she is going out somewhere later on in the evening, she will spruce the look up a little with some extra mascara, and maybe draw on a cat eye with liquid eyeliner. For red carpet events, she likes to do her own makeup so she can get more practice with it. She keeps her skin silky, smooth, and hydrated by rubbing her favourite body product all over: coconut oil. That is all there is to it.

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