Taylor Hill’s Latest Makeup Free Look Showcases her Beautiful Blue-Green Eyes

Taylor Hill’s Latest Makeup Free Look Showcases her Beautiful Blue-Green Eyes
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After walking as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in the recently televised fashion show, Taylor Hill is giving the more natural look a run for its money. Earlier this week, the model took to Instagram to show off her natural, makeup free beauty. Her stunning blue-green eyes and large pouting lips make it easy to see why Hill is one of the top sought after models of the moment, winning “Model of the Year” at the Fashion Media Awards in 2015. The stunning 19 year-old Colorado native is part of the latest generation of Victoria’s Secret Angels at the VSFS, which aired last week, giving audiences a glimpse at her supersized lips, thick wavy hair, and sultry eyebrows.  Fans of the iconic brand already know the beauty as the face of the Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy fragrance.

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Taylor Hill Shares her Skin Care and Makeup Tips

Taylor Hill’s Instagram post has many fans taking to social media to ask about her skin care routine. In an interview with Pop Sugar, the model discussed her makeup tips, “Most days I don’t wear any at all, and if I ever do it’s just such a small amount,” Hill said. “I’ll usually wear a BB cream, or a tinted moisturizer. And then I love Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. That’s like foundation, you can put it all over and it’s so beautiful. And a little mascara.” When asked about her eye makeup, she curls her lashes before applying mascara. “I do it because it makes them pop a bit more and then you can wear less,” she explained. “You don’t have to put as much on when they’re curled because they’re already up, and it looks nice.” On her lips, Hill likes Clarins Lip Butter for a nice shiny gloss.

As for Taylor Hill’s beauty tips, she uses Seraphim to cleanse her skin, which is soap with salicylic and malic acid. This type of cleanser is light and won’t dry out the skin. She finishes her routine at night by moisturizing with coconut oil. One thing that Hill is specifically known for are her natural, thick, lush eyebrows. “For the longest time I never touched them and wouldn’t let anyone do them,” she revealed. “So they really grew out. When you’re younger, everyone always got waxes and the hair would stop growing there. My mom refused to let me do that, and they just grew out like crazy. Now they’re really thick.”

With this latest Instagram post showing Taylor Hill with no makeup, there is no questioning her natural beauty. After seeing countless models strut down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show looking flawless, it is nice to see models without all of that makeup. As we all know, Victoria’s Secret lingerie and high heels make your legs look amazing, but Taylor Hill feels most confident in casual clothes, as she discussed with Pop Sugar.

“Being really comfortable — even in my beauty routine [makes me feel sexy]. I just want to feel comfortable. Not too dressed up or not like me. Let your hair down and hang out!”



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