Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, Model Kendall Jenner Open up about Plastic Surgery

“Teen Mom’s” Amber Portwood, “Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco, Model Kendall Jenner Open up about Plastic Surgery
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, and model Kendall Jenner have all talked about their plastic surgery stories. Whether it’s a nose job or a boob job, Hollywood’s A-list is always feeling the pressure to go under the knife.

With all the Instagram makeup tips and celebrities with perfect bodies out there, it can feel next to impossible to feel as confident as your idols, whether you’re male or female.

Kaley Cuoco

When it comes to plastic surgery, the Big Bang Theory actress isn’t afraid to talk about her own experiences post-surgery. Cuoco gave a candid interview in an issue of Women’s Health, about her nose and boob job.

“Years ago, I had my nose done. And my boobs — best thing I ever did,” Cuoco, 30, said. “Recently I had a filler in a line in my neck I’ve had since I was 12.”

“As much as you want to love your inner self … I’m sorry, you also want to look good. I don’t think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing.”

The star realized that there’s no substitute for a healthy body and started working out to maintain her fit physique—something she admitted she didn’t do in the past.

“The bottom line is I’m not 21 anymore, so it used to be so easy and I didn’t have to do as much. But you’re getting a little older and I’ve got to cut things out,” Cuoco says in a behind-the-scenes video. “It’s important, it’s now part of my day. Working out is part of my day, eating right is part of my day.”

Kendall Jenner

Apparently, we’re not the only ones finding it hard to keep up with the Kardashians—even Jenner finds it difficult to live up to her big sister, Kim!

The 21-year-old faced rumors of going under the knife before, and OK magazine reported that she’s going for a second time.

“Kendall’s obsessed with Kim’s perfect nose and she’s using the same surgeon of course. She wants it to be incredibly subtle like her last nose job that was barely noticeable,” the insider revealed.

“She’s going to do it before the Spring/Summer shows and she can’t wait to finally have her dream nose,” the source confessed. “Kendall’s losing her baby features every day now and she thinks her nose looks slightly out of place as a result.”

Younger sister Kylie Jenner is known for her false lips, and Kendall has been known to have issues with her nose.

Amber Portwood

As if the stars of Teen Mom didn’t have enough to worry about, in comes the image issues. Portwood was out of the limelight for a while and used social media to unveil her post-surgery look. The star appeared to look much different than she did previously and was confident enough to flaunt it online.


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