The #1 Reason You Need an Anti-Aging Fitness Plan

The #1 Reason You Need an Anti-Aging Fitness Plan_1Using exercise to improve individual fitness goals has a very positive influence on the nature and degree of aging that each of us will experience. The process of aging is affected by both genetic and environmental factors, some of which we can’t control. But there are others that we can control simply by making certain lifestyle choices, like what you eat, how active you are, how you manage stress, and what safety precautions you take. Anti-aging fitness is one way of taking control.

When you choose to incorporate anti-aging fitness into your lifestyle, great things begin to happen to your body, some of which you can see just by looking in the mirror. You’ll also feel the change that comes with anti-aging fitness—like increased stamina, more energy, improved muscle strength, and better balance. Anti-aging fitness will result in physiological changes as well, like improving heart and lung function, lowering blood pressure, improving bone density, and boosting circulation.

When I refer to exercise in anti-aging fitness, I am really talking about cardio activities that increase your heart rate for extended periods of time. I am also referring to weight-bearing activities (like free weights or resistance bands) that add a substantial load to your musculoskeletal system to build the strength and endurance of your muscles. Anti-aging fitness usually includes a mix of both cardio and weight training. Activities like jogging, cycling, rowing, stair climbing, swimming, power walking, yoga, or Pilates can all be used to improve your anti-aging fitness level.

So, what can you expect if you adopt a regular anti-aging fitness program? The answer is pretty simple: functional improvement. Keep reading to learn more!


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