The Antioxidant That Doubles as Sun Protection For Younger Looking Skin

The Antioxidant That Doubles as Sun Protection For Younger Looking SkinNothing ages your skin faster than the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is why sun protection is one of the key components of anti-aging skin care. Sun damaged skin caused by unprotected exposure to UV rays is commonly characterized by unsightly age spots, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, rough or dry patches, and sagging. These factors not only deter your anti-aging skin care efforts to look younger, but they can actually make you look older than you really are.

The good news is that there’s hope for people who suffer from sun damaged skin, according to anti-aging skin care research from Australia’s Newcastle University. Scientists believe that if you consume the antioxidant Tiron, it can help you look younger by protecting your skin from some types of sun damage.

The anti-aging skin care study found that the antioxidant Tiron can provide 100% protection against mitochondrial DNA damage. UVA radiation is the leading culprit behind sun damaged skin at the DNA level, since it causes oxidative stress, or free radical stress, beneath the skin’s surface. This imbalance then leads to deterioration of DNA. Because sun damage often occurs at the DNA level, eating foods that are rich in anti-aging skin care antioxidants like Tiron can delay or reverse the effects of UVA rays.

Keep in mind that approximately 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface is UVA radiation. In addition to causing sun damaged skin at the DNA level, it is also a leading contributor to skin cancer.

According to the anti-aging skin care study, the antioxidants that provided the most anti-aging skin care benefits were the ones that targeted the mitochondria, which is what powers your skin cells. The researchers also looked at non-specific antioxidants, such as reservatrol (found in red wine) and curcumin (found in turmeric), but Tiron was found to be the most potent for the purpose of anti-aging skin care and treating sun damaged skin.

The Antioxidant That Doubles as Sun Protection For Younger Looking SkinThe anti-aging skin care study treated skin cells with Tiron and then exposed them to the same level of UVA rays that one would experience on a summer’s day. The damage was then assessed and it was found that the Tiron treated skin cells provided 100% protection against DNA damage at the mitochondrial level. Reservatrol only provided 22% protection against UVA radiation and oxidative stress, while curcumin provided 16% protection against oxidative stress and eight percent UVA protection.

While the findings are certainly impressive, it should be noted that it will still be a few years before you see Tiron as a food supplement or in anti-aging skin care products, since the antioxidant isn’t a naturally occurring compound. The findings of this study are promising for anti-aging skin care, but more research still needs to be done on how Tiron works, including the development of a similar compound that is safe and effective for human use.

In the meantime, your best defense against sun damaged skin is to always include sunscreen in your anti-aging skin care routine. Pick one that has an SPF of at least 30 and provides broad-spectrum protection; apply it every day and reapply every two hours. Keep in mind that UV rays, especially UVA rays, penetrate through clouds and windows, so sunscreen is critical for anti-aging skin care all year round.

You can also boost your anti-aging skin care routine by continuing to eat and drink foods that are high in antioxidants, like red wine and turmeric.

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