The Best Anti-Aging Food Sources for Vitamin D

The Best Anti-Aging Food Sources for Vitamin D_1When you think of vitamin D, you probably naturally group it with all of the other anti-aging vitamins. You’d be wrong. It’s actually not a true vitamin—many experts consider vitamin D to be more of a hormone than one of the anti-aging vitamins because it is primarily produced in the body when our skin receives sunlight.

Vitamin D is essential for the control of cell growth, bone development, neuromuscular function, immune system regulation, stabilizing mood, and lowering the risk of inflammation. Vitamin D is also widely known to stimulate the absorption of calcium—when your body isn’t producing enough vitamin D, it will try to recover some of the calcium in the blood by taking it from your bones, which interferes with your body’s ability to maintain bone health as you age. Unfortunately, your body’s ability to produce vitamin D declines with age, which is why a significant majority of older adults are vitamin D deficient.

Although UV rays from the sun are the primary source of vitamin D, it isn’t the only source. Rather than relying solely on anti-aging supplements, you can boost the level of vitamin D in your body by simply making changes to your anti-aging diet. Keep reading to find out about the five best anti-aging foods and oils to develop a solid vitamin D foundation.


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