The Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Detox

The Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Detox_1If you often find yourself feeling tired, achy, and irritable, you might want to try a detox anti-aging diet to not only feel better, but to look younger too. There are a few superfoods that are packed with a powerhouse of nutrients that get your gears grinding the way they should, which can make you look younger and actually slow down the aging process.

Detoxing doesn’t mean starving yourself—it’s just a means of cleansing to get rid of toxins that build up from the consumption of processed foods. Our body is naturally detoxing all the time. Click here to read more about what an anti-aging detox really is.

Incorporating a detox regimen into your anti-aging diet takes that natural process to its maximum potential to help you feel and look younger. If you incorporate the following foods into your anti-aging diet, it won’t be too long before you start to notice the changes both inside and out.

Fresh Fish (e.g., salmon, tilapia, sardines)

Fish are famous for their health benefits, which is why they’re usually part of almost any anti-aging diet. Fish have the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids and are also high in essential vitamins that have been proven to make people look younger and healthier. Fish have been shown to also help promote healthy cardiovascular function and eye health.

The Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Detox_2Herbal Tea (e.g., peppermint, black, green)

Herbal tea is great for detoxing in an anti-aging diet because it’s one of the safest ways to look younger from the inside out—so why not reap the benefits of natural anti-aging herbs? They act as a purifier, sending antioxidants through your body—antioxidants help to fight harmful free radical damage. This tea is more readily accepted by your body and is able to extract the nutrients it needs to fight bacteria, heal broken skin or wounds, and cleanse toxins from your system. In other words, incorporating herbal tea into your anti-aging diet can help you look younger by ridding you of unwanted waste and impurities.

Greens (e.g., broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, basil)

No anti-aging diet is complete without leafy greens, which are also great for detoxing. They are highly concentrated with the minerals and vitamins your body needs to look younger. An iron deficiency is a common cause of fatigue for a lot of older women and this can easily be remedied with a higher intake of vegetables that are deep green in color. You will start to look younger when your blood is clean and healthy, which just helps everything else in your body run more efficiently.

Citrus (e.g., lemon, lime, grapefruit, oranges)

These fruits are important in making you look younger because they are jam-packed with antioxidants. As we know, antioxidants fight free radicals that are responsible for accelerating the aging process. It’s good to incorporate citrus into your anti-aging diet because it flushes out organs like your intestines, breaking down and getting rid of toxins and bacteria. Citrus fruits are also good detox foods in an anti-aging diet because of their high water content. A detox is useless if your body isn’t hydrated and citrus fruits can help get the job done.


Pineapples are a good anti-aging food for detoxing because they contain bromelain, a collection of enzymes that can help improve your digestive health by cleansing your colon. For this reason, pineapples have been used for hundreds of years in South and Central America for treating indigestion. The better your digestive health is, the cleaner your system will be.

In addition to adding these detox superfoods to your anti-aging diet, also try to avoid refined sugars, alcohol, and excessive dairy and eggs. Every body is different, but for most people, you need to be consistent in your detox anti-aging diet for at least one month in order for it to really be effective.

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