The Top 5 Anti-Aging Benefits of Lavender

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Benefits of LavenderAnti-aging herbs have been used as an ingredient for decades of beauty and homemade health remedies, everything from healing an injury to creating a natural anti-aging wrinkles treatment. They’re ideal for aging well because they’re natural, packed with antioxidants and other nutrients, and have been proven to treat a wide range of ailments and aging-related issues.

There are plenty of different anti-aging herbs to choose from, but there’s one in particular that a lot of people tend to overlook. Lavender is usually regarded for its floral scent and is often used as a natural fragrance, but it actually has many other properties that make it one of the top anti-aging herbs, especially when you use lavender’s extracted essential oil.

• Digestive Health: Anti-aging herbs are often used to treat issues like nausea, intestinal gas, and upset stomach—lavender is no exception. The plant has long been used as a natural remedy for promoting digestive health, because it’s believed to improve intestinal function by stimulating the flow of bile from your liver and fighting bacteria that can build up in the intestines.

• Hair Loss: Lavender may be able to reverse hair loss, particularly for people who suffer from alopecia areata. One study found that 44% of the patients who topically applied lavender essential oil, combined with other essential oils extracted from different anti-aging herbs, over the course of seven months experienced significant hair growth, versus those who didn’t use the essential oils. Although more research is required to determine whether or not it was the lavender or the specific combination of anti-aging herbs, there have been no reported side effects of using the herb topically, so what have you got to lose by trying it out?

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Benefits of Lavender• Sleep: Many people find that as they get older, they sometimes have a harder time sleeping. However, one study showed that when participants slept with the scent of diffused lavender essential oil in the air, they slept 20% better than those who snoozed with the placebo, diffused sweet almond oil. Another study found that sniffing lavender essential oil before going to bed resulted in a deeper, sounder sleep, compared to when they sniffed just distilled water. As a result, the participants also reported feeling more energized the morning after sniffing the lavender. Take advantage of this anti-aging herb’s sleep benefits by stashing a bit of dried lavender in a small vase near your bed, or keep essential lavender oil in a diffuser in your room.

• Relaxation:Lavender is one of the most popular anti-aging herbs known for its scent, and research has shown that it actually does have a calming effect—it promotes relaxation and helps to manage anxiety and depression, making it an ideal, natural alternative to prescribed drugs. One study demonstrated that when participants smelled lavender oil for three minutes, they felt more relaxed and less anxious. They also exhibited improved mood, showed signs of better alertness, and were able to calculate mathematical functions faster.

• Blood Pressure and Circulation: Because the smell of this anti-aging herb promotes relaxation, it also has a positive impact on the way your body functions. A study on the effects of lavender oil on the body’s central nervous system revealed that the scent does, in fact, significantly lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. This is important, because failing to manage high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart disease, compromised kidney and brain function, and arterial damage.


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