The Truth Behind What’s Really Causing Your Adult Acne

The Truth Behind What's Really Causing Your Adult Acne_1When it comes to anti-aging skin care, it’s widely misunderstood that acne is only an adolescent problem. The truth is that acne can stay with us, or even resurface, well into our 40s and 50s. Hormones are largely to blame when you’re a teen but there are other factors that could be causing adult acne, and not just on your face. We’ll let you in on some of the biggest contributors of adult acne and how to better manage your anti-aging skin care routine.

What is Acne?

Our skin is covered with thousands of tiny pores that allow our skin to breathe—this is the foundation of every anti-aging skin care regimen. These pores can sometimes get clogged with dirt and oil. When pores are clogged, bacteria can grow and fester in them, resulting in irritation marked by a pimple. Sebaceous glands that are connected to a hair follicle release oil to lubricate the hair and skin. However, sometimes they excrete excess oil, which, coupled with dead skin cells, creates bacteria, resulting in adult acne on our face and body.

Adult Acne Cause #1: Diet

A huge part of anti-aging skin care is what you eat. Consistently consuming unhealthy foods will reflect on your skin’s surface. Although it has been refuted that junk food causes adult acne to develop, it has been shown that, if you already have adult acne, eating oily foods can make it a lot worse because they encourage more sebaceous gland activity. A lot of processed foods are high in trans fats and saturated fats, which a lot of doctors believe can also trigger an adult acne breakout. Sugary foods are another anti-aging skin care nightmare, as foods that are high on the glycaemic index have been shown to impact hormone levels like insulin, which is believed to boost sebum production. Sugar also damages good skin cells and suppresses our immune system, making it harder to fight bacteria and infections and therefore increasing your risk of developing adult acne.

The best anti-aging skin care solution with regards to adult acne and diet is to reduce how much processed foods you’re eating, and focus more on fruits and vegetables. To remedy adult acne, detoxing your body can be an effective anti-aging skin care trick. Click here to find out more about how to do an anti-aging detox.

The Truth Behind What's Really Causing Your Adult Acne_2Adult Acne Cause #2: Hygiene

How clean you keep your body is directly associated with proper anti-aging skin care—poor hygiene can lead to adult acne. When you sweat, your body becomes like a magnet for dirt because it can more easily stick to your moist skin. If you don’t shower, that oil and dirt will build up on your body, which, as we mentioned, leads to clogged pores and, eventually, to adult acne all over your body.

After a workout, a night out on the town, or anything where you have been perspiring, it’s important to clean off your body, including your face. A quick rinse does the trick. Avoid using excessively hot water, as it can dry your skin out too much. Also avoid scrubbing too hard with harsh soaps or cleansers, as this can actually trigger adult acne.

Adult Acne Cause #3: Makeup and Skin Care Products

Cosmetics and many anti-aging skin care products can often be loaded with dyes, perfumes, and oils, which can be detrimental to your anti-aging skin care routine. Frequently using products that contain lots of chemicals or wearing heavy makeup without making a point to cleanse your face are both big precursors for adult acne, including both face and body acne. Look for anti-aging skin care products and cosmetics that are “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic.” This will ensure that your pores are clean and able to breathe.

Also, be sure to always follow the golden rule of anti-aging skin care: never, ever sleep with your makeup on. Make it a habit to always cleanse your face before bed to allow your skin to breathe and your cells to regenerate.

Adult Acne Cause #4: Lifestyle                                                                       

There are a few things you might do daily that are unknowingly hindering the quality of your skin. Sleeping on unclean bed sheets can counteract the benefits of your anti-aging skin care routine because they can accumulate the dirt, oil, and bacteria that cause adult acne. And because your whole body is in contact with the bed sheets, you’re more likely to see acne all over.

Wearing tight-fitting clothing also contributes to anti-aging skin care problems all over the body, like acne. Tight clothes chafe by rubbing against the skin, making it unable to breathe and thereby trapping dirt and oil on the skin’s surface. This is especially important when you’re sweating—the friction against moist skin can lead to pimples.

Smoking, lack of exercise, and stress are also contributing factors to body acne.