Tyra Banks Announces Black Friday 2016 Deals On TYRA Beauty Cosmetics with Free Face Cleanser Machine

Tyra Banks Announces Black Friday 2016 Deals On TYRA Beauty Cosmetics with Free Face Cleanser Machine
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Tyra Banks has announced her Black Friday 2016 deals on her web site, TYRA Beauty, and the 42-year-old’s cosmetic line looks like it may just end up at the top of every Christmas list. In addition to cosmetics, Tyra Banks’ makeup and beauty look can be imitated, thanks to her face cleanser machine, which is free until November 30!

Y'all know I had to hook you up with Black Friday early this year ? I've got major deals on my FAVE makeup products right now at @TYRABeauty. Tap that link in my bio, boo. ??

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Banks’ Skin Care

The Harvard Business School grad is back at it again with her infinite makeup wisdom, and now the “Smize” queen is giving tips on how to properly take care of your skin.

The former America’s Next Top Model host still gets compliments about her skin, with people telling her how young she looks.

“A lot of people have told me that I look younger than I am. I really think it’s because I started exfoliating at birth,” said Banks in an IOL interview.

The star revealed that she cleanses her face every night, ever since she was a child, thanks to her mother Carolyn London.

Banks added: “I do it every night because I love that deep-clean feeling. My mom always told me it doesn’t matter how much make-up you wear, if the canvas isn’t right, you’re going to look clumpy, lumpy, patchy and dry.”

Banks takes all the compliments she can get now that she’s a mother of 11-month-old son York with her partner Erik—which means she’s not getting as much sleep as she would like. But Banks can vouch for the face masks and skin cleansers her cosmetics line offers. They make her skin look rested even though she only gets“two hours” sleep, thanks to her new maternal role.

“My son is teething, so some nights I barely sleep. The next day my face will look swollen and I’ll have bags under my eyes. My trick is to use my Instant Gratification mask to illuminate and smooth my skin. Then I walk into my office, and everyone’s like, ‘You look great!’ I’m like, ‘What? I slept for two hours!’”

The Face Cleanser

The TYRA Beauty face cleanser machine is a must-have product for anytime of the year and will change the way you wash your face. From a young age, Banks was told to scrub her face, but never with her hands. Her mother told her to use a buffer and that’s what inspired her to create her beauty face cleanser. The cleanser is a brush that pumps out the face-washing serum, that cleans your face without spreading dirt around.

So, head over to TYRA Beauty this Black Friday, and buy all the products your cards can handle!


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