Tyra Banks Launches ‘Flawsome’ Face Tinted Moisturizer, Starts #ImFlawsome Campaign on Instagram

Tyra Banks Launches ‘Flawsome’ Face Tinted Moisturizer
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Tyra Banks is known for being many things: internationally renowned and fierce supermodel, host of America’s Next Top Model, talk show host and now, she can add business mogul to the list. After launching her inspirational #ImFlawsome campaign on Instagram, it seems like the unstoppable Banks is taking the social media world by storm. She recently posted a picture of herself showing off what she calls her ‘fivehead’—apparently, Banks thinks she has an exceptionally large forehead, hence the pun. The point of this post was to demonstrate to her fans that even she, a well known and beloved supermodel, has flaws. This is how she coined the term flawsome (flaws + awesome).


This post has a dual purpose, however, the other part of which was to promote her new beauty product entitled Flawsome Face Tinted Moisturizer. That is right; this is a moisturizer that matches your individual skin tone!

The product and the campaign are both ingenious. Unlike most beauty products that cater solely to a singular and specific type of skin tone, this product is actually designed to coincide with ever conceivable skin tone in existence. With race being an increasingly hot button issue these days, Tyra Banks’ Flawsome Face Tinted Moisturizer breaks the mould when it comes to destroying traditional skin care and makeup standards.

By creating the TYRABeauty brand, the supermodel turned successful and revered entrepreneur has singlehanded put the power back into the hands of working women. These are women who crave financial independence, and they possess the prowess to conduct their business in whatever way they deem fit.

These brand ambassadors are known as ‘Beautytainers’ and they are ready and willing take on the world and Tyra Banks is giving them the tools they need to succeed. They are modern day Avon ladies, except they are toting a much more powerful product that empowers them and the women they serve. The Flawsome Face Tinted Moisturizer is just that product; it is more than merely a moisturizer. It is confidence in a bottle, concocted of ingredients that deeply cleanse and spread diversity. The whole makeup and beauty line consists of hues that range from Sugar Cookie (for fair to light skin) to Chocolate Fondue (deeply dark skin). There are a total of 9 shades to suit your skin care needs.

Proper skin care treatments are very important to Tyra Banks and thorough, healthy skin care regimens were instilled in her from a very young age by her mother. The standard face rinsing with plain water routine was an insufficient and inadequate method, and this is how the TYRABeauty brand has spread its wings and taken on a life of its own. After all, the term flawsome is the very definition of natural beauty, and the Flawsome Face Tinted Moisturizer along with its creator, Tyra Banks, are great proponents of that sentiment.


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