Tyra Banks Launches New Three-Step Skincare Line

Tyra Banks
Photo credit: Paras Griffin / Stringer/Getty

Tyra Banks’ new skincare line, Tyra Beauty, offers incredible skin care items that will prevent you from spending hundreds at the spa. The special cleanser works deep into the skin, while the serum moisturizes and protects the skin barrier. Many women dread their skincare routines, and Banks’ new line aims to make it an enjoyable experience.

The ingredients in her products are effective and she aims to focus more on how they work rather than the brand name. If you want your makeup products to complement your already-fresh natural skin, the Tyra Beauty line is the new solution.

Tyra Banks has always been known for her flawless, ageless skin. Now, her skincare products and tools allow customers to achieve the same beauty goal. She launched 30 makeup products in less than a year, and now she is presenting three key items in her new line.

The Clean Machine is a foam cleanser with a brush head, makeup remover and exfoliator; The Closer is a repair and hydration serum; and The Secret Weapon is a microdermabrasion wand. Her items are much more cost-efficient than going to the spa, priced from $29 to $49.

Banks spoke to The LA Times to explain the purpose and plan for her new line, “I feel like makeup gets all the fun. I want a skin-care regimen to be delightful and fun, so you look forward to it.” She expressed how gentle the products are, “You can tell you’re getting that extra clean, but it doesn’t dry out your skin.” Banks is very excited about her spa-quality line, “I think it’ going to be huge. It’s because we have hero products, and they perform. . . Skin care is about results, and these products really give results.”

The Tyra Beauty line is available on the supermodel’s website, Tyra.com.

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