Tyra Banks Motivates Women while Promoting Makeup Line in Bedford, Shares Instagram Throwback of Pink Hair

Tyra Banks Motivates Women while Promoting Makeup Line in Bedford, Shares Instagram Throwback of Pink Hair
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Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Tyra Banks was recently in Bedford, New Hampshire, promoting her makeup line and empowered women in attendance at her event with one of her signature motivational speeches. Called “a Mary Kay for millennials,” Banks’ Tyra Beauty line gives young women the power to transform their lives by becoming their own bosses and being part of a business that they love. Relying on network marketing to sell her products, Tyra Banks handpicked 200 “beautytainers” to spearhead the launch of her beauty line. Inspired by the individuals who took a chance on her new business, Banks posted an old selfie of her pink hair throwback to Instagram, reminiscent of her own beauty risks.

Remember when pink hair was "The Thing?" Facebook just reminded me that I posted this a year ago. #memories

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Approached many times over the years by licensing companies to develop different lines from hair products to shoes to clothes, Tyra Banks told Total Beauty that it was important for this to be a legacy business. “…With licensing, they would use my name and my image, but it’s their funding and they’re taking all the risks. I’m a natural businesswoman. When I was modeling, part of my success came from my look, but I think a big part of it was also my natural business savvy and strategy. So I wanted to own this and operate it and run everything myself,” the supermodel said.

One of the main concepts of the Tyra Beauty line is the “TYover.” What is a TyOver, exactly? It’s basically a 5-minute makeover, but with the resulting fierceness of Tyra Banks. Inspired by the combination of convenience and beauty, Tyra’s cosmetics line consists of many stick products. “ I wanted products that were going to be fast, but not just for fast’s sake, for beautiful sake and for fierce sake,” the model told Total Beauty.

Tyra Banks’ Makeup Routine

At 43 years old, Tyra Banks’ skin shows no signs of revealing her true age. What are some of her most useful beauty secrets to maintaining her supple skin? Total Beauty caught up with the model-turned-businesswoman to find out!

When asked about her secret to avoid signs of aging, Banks swore by her moisturizing routine. Following her mother’s advice on moisturizing every part of her body right out of the shower or bath before her skin dries up, Banks says she looks like a Cirque du Soleil performer when she’s applying lotion!

Although the supermodel admitted that she feels more beautiful with makeup on, she also mentioned that there’s something comforting and empowering about removing it all at the end of the day. Following her own face-washing ritual along with putting in hair oil and flossing before bed help Banks feel almost as beautiful as she does with a full face of makeup.

If you’re lusting after Tyra Banks’ ageless complexion, you’ll be happy to hear that she’s recently launched a full skincare line. Recently announced on the @tyrabeauty Instagram page, fans of the model can’t wait to get their hands on these holy grail products!

Say, "Goodbye" to dull skin and get ready to glow! Here are some of the deets on #TYRABeauty skincare… ? Exfoliate like never before with The Secret Weapon Microdermabrasion Wand! It removes dead skin cells like a pro while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections. ✨ Once you're all exfoliated, you gotta seal the deal! The Closer is a post-treatment serum that soothes and protects your skin with skin barrier repair ingredients. This is a must for when you're done with The Secret Weapon, but use it daily for a hydration boost! ? The Clean Machine is our new obsession. This 3-in-1 foaming face wash deep cleans, washes away your makeup and purifies your skin. Infused with our exclusive Blood Orange Complex to invigorate your senses. Features The Turbo Cleansing Tool, which uses patented technology that will leave your skin so naked, you'll get censored on #Instagram! ?

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