Tyra Banks Sports Stunning New Year’s Makeup: Here’s How to Replicate Her Look

Tyra Banks Sports Stunning New Year's Makeup: Here's How to Replicate Her Look
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Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomed 2017 by posting a stunning picture of her New Year’s makeup look. Banks recently launched her very own makeup line, aptly named Tyra Beauty. Tyra Banks’ makeup line mainly consists of stick products suitable for beauties on the go like herself. The model wore a beautiful silvery bronze look on her eyes, complete with false eyelashes. Her complexion was enhanced by a little contour and highlight, and she wore a muted red color on her lips—Bank’s makeup look gave us serious makeup goals! Tyra Banks’ Instagram post was captioned “#HappyNewYear, Boo!  ?.

#HappyNewYear, Boo! ?

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The Five Minute TYover

This high-energy model focused her Tyra Beauty products on being quick and easy to use. She emphasized the efficiency of her products by posting a five-minute makeover, or “TYover” as she would say, on YouTube. She starts by contouring her cheeks, swiping her Tyra Beauty “Cheek in a Stick” just below her cheekbones, and uses her fingers to blend it out. Next, she uses a highlight stick to illuminate the tops of her cheekbones. Tyra then goes onto contour the rest of her face—this includes her nose, forehead, and jawline. Then, she highlights the bridge of her nose, middle of her forehead, and her cupid’s bow. Moving on to blush, she draws two round circles with a cream blush stick on the apples of her cheeks. Using a shadow stick, she tight lines her eyes and applies a light wash of color to her lid. After a coat of Banks’ “Smack My Fat Lash” mascara, she finishes her look with a nude pink lipstick. To see exactly how Tyra achieves her five minute “TYover,” check out her video:

If you can’t keep up with Tyra Banks’ makeup instructions on video, don’t worry—she has an entire section on her website dedicated to written instructions on how to achieve your own two or five minute “TYover!” From fresh spring to fierce sultry looks, you can have it all with the Tyra Beauty line.

Banks even sells the complete set that you need to achieve a five minute TYover. Including everything you saw in her YouTube tutorial, you can create endless looks for less than $100! Complementing almost every skin tone, you can’t go wrong with one of Tyra Beauty’s TYover sets.

Makeup.com also offered some awesome beauty tips to achieve the perfect makeup application. Beauty Guru Alana Dawn emphasizes that starting with clean, moisturized skin is key for a flawless makeup look. Using a duo fiber brush to apply foundation will help you blend your way to a flawless base. Dawn says that you should “apply concealer below your eyes in the shape of a triangle. This technique ensures natural-looking coverage, brightens up your face and draws attention to your eyes.” She continues with her tips, contouring, highlighting, and applying blush in the same way that Tyra does.

Follow the tips of these two beauty gurus and you’ll be as flawless as ever!



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