Ugly Christmas Sweater Dresses, Quirky Attire to Wear this Festive Holiday Season

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The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate then to show your festive spirit by wearing a Christmas sweater-dress! Most people are familiar with the classic Christmas sweater that has become popular in the past few years, which, once upon a time, was strictly great aunt or grandmother attire. Now, popular among young and old, quirky or sane, the Christmas sweater has come a long way and has made waves in the fashion community.

This festive holiday season, why not try a twist on the original Christmas sweater and go for a Christmas sweater dress! The trend this season is proving to be knit sweater dresses in many different designs. A growing trend has also started, and many people are now holding Christmas sweater parties. Whether you want to make a statement in an ugly Christmas sweater dress, or look cute in a festive theme dress, many top retailer’s such as Nordstrom and Target offer a variety of different styles to choose from. How about shopping for your sweater dress on Forever 21 online store and skip the mall! No matter where you usually shop, chances are they will have a some sort of Christmas sweater dress.

History of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

The original Christmas sweaters were never intended to be ugly, they were actually “really art in a way” according to Asta Skocir, an associate professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In the 80’s and 90’s, designers created hand-knitted one-of-a-kind sweaters. For years, they were cultural attire, made especially popular by The Cosby Show. Nowadays, the internet has helped shape the ugly sweater trend. Young people started buying vintage knits on eBay, and it soon became trendy to compete with friends to see who could find the ugliest sweater online. Social media gave another huge boost to the trend, giving it a global reach. Since the ugly sweaters have peaked, big retailers have jumped on board, mass producing them and making them easily accessible.

Not all sweater-dresses need to be ugly to jump on board with the Christmas trend. There are many cute Christmas sweater dresses available that are more whimsical than ugly. Sweater dress outfit ideas are endless, and you can choose to either look tacky and fun, or more chic and sophisticated. For more of a classic sweater look, try going for a long sleeve Christmas sweater-dress in a neutral color with a small sequin motif on the front, and pair it with black stocking and a knee high boot. A holiday sweater-dress can also look stunning if it is fitted and has a traditional Christmas floral motif embroidered on the front. Pair that with some neutral stockings and a high heel also in a neutral to show your traditional festive chic side. Also available are many plus size Christmas sweater dress options. This trend has reached from sizes Plus to Petite and from young to old. No one will be left out of this new holiday tradition!



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