Unwind with the Most Trending Spring Spa Treatments in 2017

happy young woman relaxing in  hot springs

Spring is a wonderful time of the year—perfect to bask in the sunshine, greenery, and blossoms while enjoying the cheerful and positive vibes of nature. Given the hectic schedules most of us have, it becomes difficult to go on a long holiday or even just to enjoy nature. If you can’t go on a nature trail this spring, you can opt for a trendy spa treatment to rejuvenate and energize yourself instead. You will feel relaxed, both mentally and physically. There are now some trendy spas available which are designed to experience the beauty of nature, while improving your health and wellness.

Spa treatments today are earning revenues like never before. Blame it on the stress of everyday living, the complexities that go with it, and the challenges that an individual faces, day in and day out. No matter how you look at it, visiting a spa has many benefits. Relieve your stress and rejuvenate this spring with a wonderful spa treatment.

Check out these spa treatments that are trending this spring season.

Trendy Spa Treatments

Pinotherapy Treatment

Pinotherapy Treatment

Currently available in Oregon’s wine country, a pinotherapy spring spa treatment is a must for stress relief. The pinot-inspired spa consists of botanical and biologically-produced wine and grape seed extracts to soothe and nourish the body. All the natural ingredients are sourced organically from their own vineyard. The Age-Defy Body Treatment works to solve anti-aging concerns with the help of lactic body peels, hydrating masks and wraps, warm Vichy showers, and finishes with a massage and body emulsion cream. It also includes a Pomegranate Lactic Peel which promotes cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fine lines and open pores. It also cures skin discoloration.

Silent Retreat

silent retreat

Perfect to disconnect from the outer world, the silent retreat treatment is available exclusively in India and requires you to shut off your gadgets and devices to experience solitude for the entire retreat of four days. Guests may indulge in Balinese, Swedish, Thai, aromatherapy and Abhyanga massages during their stay. Alternatively, guests may also opt for long walks in nature, refreshing swims, use the gym and Jacuzzi, or check out the daily film showings.

Sound Baths

Sound Baths

Originating in Mexico, this unique spa treatment uses Mexican instruments like gongs, crystals, Tibetan bowls, Mayan shells, and didgeridoos which help to relax with the beauty and power of good sounds for health and wellness. The spa treatment is known to use therapeutic sound vibrations in effective methods to re-establish the body’s natural dynamism. This new-age spa treatment is complete with 14 Tibetan singing bowls, which are known to soothe your nervous system and offer calmness.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing


A spring season special, this latest spa trend, has just caught up in the U.K. It originates from the Japanese Shinrin-yoku, meaning “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” The forest bathing spa situated in Nottinghamshire, allows its guests to de-stress on the treetops overlooking the canopy. Alongside, therapy rooms with treetop saunas are also available at the retreat. The wellness center forest cuts shuts guests out from the world and exposes them to the depths of nature in its pure, untouched form. Opt for barefoot walks or Zen-style yoga. The rituals and techniques of forest bathing spas are known to effectively normalize blood pressure and heart rate.

Salt Spas

salt spa

A few years back, basalt stones or traditional hot stones created waves. Spas have now taken these stones a step further by combining them with salts. The technique is known to increase cell activity, energy, and balance blood sugar levels. Used after disinfecting, the stones with salt provide relaxation, soothes muscle tension and nervous disorders, decreases soreness, and absorbs pollutants from the body. The treatment is quick and good after a long and stressful week.



This freezing therapy is a trend which is slowly and gradually gaining attention. The process consists of a closed room which has a temperature as low as 90°F. Guests walk into the room and shut the door tight to prevent the outside air from entering and increasing the temperature. The concept is similar to a sauna, except it does the exact opposite by lowering your body temperature considerably. Available widely in spas across Spain, the technique is known to boost youthfulness, increase metabolism, reduce cellulite, relax muscles, and provide energy instantly. Cryotherapy generally consists of a one- to three-minute long session for each individual.

Sleep Therapy

sleep therapy

Popular in The Maldives and Germany, this spring spa therapy is perfect for insomniacs or sleep-deprived individuals. The therapy is two-and-a-half-hours long and is known to help the recipient go into a “deeply meditative state.” The stress-relieving spa treatment is done in a private jungle at night. The guests are allowed to relax with a facial and soak in a tub with Himalayan salt crystals, sandalwood, jasmine, and rose—all known to give you a deep, soothing sleep. A special DeepSleep package designed for work professionals consists of light therapy, power-napping, aroma therapy, nutritional supplements, and a sound pillow to help sleep better.

Benefits of Spa Treatments

  • Helps to eliminate stress
  • Helps to improve eating habits and corrects metabolism while boosting immunity and brain function
  • Helps to relax by disconnecting from the world and de-cluttering the mind
  • Helps to rediscover yourself by focusing on your inner self, health, and overall wellness
  • Helps to cure body aches and sprains, while warm water spas eliminate joint pains
  • Some specific spas treatments help cure migraines and headaches if done periodically
  • Scrubs, massages, and body wraps improve blood circulation and enable your skin to breathe and glow over a period of time