Victoria’s Secret Angel Bella Hadid Thanks Ex-Boyfriend, The Weeknd: Says Most Incredible Performer on the Planet

Victoria's Secret Angel Bella Hadid Thanks Ex-Boyfriend, The Weeknd: Says Most Incredible Performer on the Planet
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris underway, the Internet is heating up with special appearances and fashion unveilings happening by the minute. Moreover, runway events are often accompanied by popular musicians or performing artists, adding more entertainment to the show and even a bit of industry gossip. This happened to Victoria’s Secret Angel, Bella Hadid. During her walk, her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) sang his hit song, “Starboy,” while she passed him.  They exchanged a glance and she grinned at him.

This slightly awkward moment has become a sensation and provided some speculation about their relationship, not to mention the processes behind the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

The Scene and Aftermath

Big fashion events like the 2016 Paris show, are meant to have many dazzling showings. The 2016 Paris show was Bella Hadid’s first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and she was there in dazzling form. Hadid was unveiled in a sensational fashion piece: she to took to the catwalk wearing a metallic corset that included a half-sleeve cape.

It was at this part of the show that she passed The Weeknd and they literally crossed paths. This was thought to be a potentially tense situation since Hadid and The Weeknd split back in November after a year and a half of dating. However nothing came of their catwalk meeting, and Hadid spoke highly of him in the press calling The Weeknd, “The most incredible performer on the planet.” Later, they were seen in a Parisian hotel, kissing and relaxing together, arousing more interest in both Hadid’s after-party look and the future of her relationship with The Weeknd. 

Behind the Scenes

Gossip aside, with so many models, runway events, performers, celebrities, photographers, and related fashion events, one has to consider just what a large operation such a fashion show can be. Ed Razek, the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Limited Brands Inc. and someone that has overseen the Victoria Secret Fashion Show since its 1995 inception, understands this. It’s big business and something that Razek has taken seriously to make sure the show gets better with each passing year. He has recently spoken to fashion business students to become competent at their jobs in order to be successful.

Victoria’s Secret casting director, John Pfeiffer, concurs. As someone that has produced the 2002 Cannes Film Festival and is now casting for events for famous brands like Michael Kors and DVF, Pfeiffer places emphasis on nurturing careers for development, including the models that appear so they can display their true personalities on the catwalk. On that, Victoria’s Secret Agent Monica Mitro adds that there is always an effect of these shows—it changes how people, especially women, think about their clothing. It empowers them to feel good and builds the brand’s reputation in the process.



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