Victoria’s Secret Angels Hairstyles for 2016 Fashion Show, Natural Hair Theme Planned for Paris Runway Walk

Victoria’s Secret Angels Hairstyles
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Every year, the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ hairstyles are seen and envied by thousands of women worldwide, who try in vein to emulate the look. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult if you do not have the right styling tools at home.

First, to achieve the traditional hairstyle that the models have sported in the past—long, flowing, and gorgeous wavy curls—you need to have extensions in your hair, and then you need to purchase all the correct tools. Keep in mind that they have professional hairstylists like Sarah Potempa at their disposal, which might explain why most women have been unsuccessful in achieving the look in the past.

Victoria’s Secret Natural Hairstyles

This year, however, the famous fashion show is taking on a different approach to the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ hairstyles. They are going with a more natural hair theme, meaning the models will not be wearing any extensions or wigs. They will only be sporting their natural hair, and it will be styled according to their personal preferences. The goal is to make it look as if each model styled their own hair as they would on a normal day, but perhaps with a tinge of flair.

Model Maria Borges is to thank for this awesome new revelation—last year, they allowed her to wear her natural hair on the runway, and the move was met with the utmost of praise. Because of that, the Paris runway will look a little more diverse and realistic during the VS Fashion show, with hairstyles that most women can recreate at home. It might be safe to assume that Borges is singlehandedly responsible for the much applauded and anticipated natural hair theme at the 2016 VS show.

According to hairstylist Sarah Potempa, while the looks will be more natural, she is still planning to make some tiny modifications to the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ hairstyles; this makes sense, because it would be ludicrous to take on the Paris runway walk with completely natural hair. There still needs to be some volume and frizz control involved. Maybe that explains why so many Victoria’s Secret hair tutorials have been popping up all over the internet lately, some of which were endorsed by the luxury lingerie brand, and others that were created by fans.

The new natural hair theme means that there is no semblance of a specific Victoria’s Secret hair color or haircut; at this year’s VS Fashion show, anything goes. Although, many of the tutorials are encouraging fans to exclusively use Victoria’s Secret hair products, there are some homemade tutorials that give more affordable but equally effective alternatives. The date of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2016 is Monday, December 5.

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