Victoria’s Secret Shows and Swarovski’s Crystals: How the Fashion Show Has Evolved through the Years

Victoria's Secret Shows and Swarovski's Crystals: How the Fashion Show Has Evolved through the Years
Credit: Julien M. Hekimian / Stringer

To outsiders, the idea of a world-class fashion product line being associated with a high-class gem producer seems obvious. But the relationship between Victoria’s Secret and Swarovksi’s Crystals is much more complex. It’s helped create an annual fashion show spectacle and new concepts in the fashion industry as a whole. Fashion followers have long come to expect certain hallmarks of the Victoria’s Secret-Swarovski’s association, while looking forward to the many surprises the two fashion juggernauts produce in the process.

Melding of the Two

Established in 1985 in Vienna by a Bohemian glasscutter, Swarovski’s has grown into a world-renowned producer of jewelry, home decorations, and even chandeliers. It’s their line of crystals that have attracted the attention of Victoria’s Secret, the world’s top producer of stunning lingerie. The two forged an alliance in 2002 to create unique fashion pieces. Since 2014, their creations have been the centerpiece of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—they create incredible sparkling lingerie for VS Angels to wear on the runway and entice the audience as the event highlight.

Notable was the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in London, where costumes inspired by writer Truman Capote’s White Ball Masquerade had angel wings with over 150,000 crystals. This later led to Swarovski designing a new crystal bottle for the Heavenly Luxe fragrance.

Highlights and Follow-Up

For 2016, Victoria’s Secret and Swarovski took their partnership in creation a step further. The outfit—a cape, bodice bra and stocking piece—was worn on the beautiful body of VS Angel Josephine Skriver. A complex piece, it set a new bar by using 450, 000 Swarovski gems and weighed in at over 10 pounds. While it was likely a challenge for Skriver, it’s an industry honor to wear the VS-Swarovski piece at the annual show, undertaken by other fashion icons such as model Marsha Hunt in 2015.

Past years have seen the Swarovski costume using techniques such as 3D printing to make snowflake shapes, and utilizing various color combinations of crystals, usually reflecting whatever theme the VS Fashion show’s theme is.

If you missed the creations of this year’s Paris show, the VS Fashion Show airs Dec 5 10/9c on CBS and will highlight the best of the show, including the VS-Swarovski’s fashion pieces.



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