Vinyl Star Olivia Wilde Shows Off New Shorter Haircut, Says Goodbye to ‘Melania Hair’

Olivia Wilde
Credit: Noam Galai / Stringer

Vinyl Star Olivia Wilde has a makeover just in time for the holiday season! She previously had dirty-blonde, long hair, which strongly resembled Melania’s hair, first-lady and wife of new President elect, Donald Trump.

Her ‘Melania hair’ was often targeted by fashionistas, leading to a clash between the two popular women.

A few days ago, Olivia finally decided to take the plunge by going in for a new hairdo, ditching the Melania-Trump-like hairstyle, for good. The American actress took to a social media platform to feature her new look and her fans could not stop raving about it. Though it was only a few inches shorter than what she had before, she was glad to finally shed off the ‘Melania’ tag. She captioned her Instagram photograph as “Feelin myself apparently. Thanks to the master @harryjoshhair for the chop. #nomoremelaniahair” Wilde’s Boomerang graphic received several likes and comments about her hair, few of admiration while others had a more political angle to them, for targeting the to-be POTUS and his better half.

Her hairstylist Harry Josh also uploaded a picture of Olivia Wilde’s haircut with the caption “When you blow @oliviawilde’s mind with a hair chop and highlights,” obviously proud of his work. Wilde is a Hillary supporter and had also slammed Donald Trump’s views several times previously, after he was elected.

Olivia Wilde hairstyles and changing looks:

Olivia Wilde initially flaunted her straight brunette locks with touches of golden highlights to add a touch of glamour, while still looking simple and elegant. Her ‘wedding’ hairdo of messy-tousled wavy hair tied in a sophisticated bun gives a romantic yet graceful look for weddings and formal parties. She was also seen sporting a rockabilly faux-hawk when she played the role of Alex Kelly on The O.C.

Olivia Wilde’s natural hair color looked stunning with blonde highlights, fashioned in loose waves to frame her face. For an everyday look, Olivia Wilde’s bangs paired with a high ponytail looks chic and effortless. Thick, long waves can also be teamed with blunt bangs for an instant party look.

At the Scream awards in 2006, she went in for a 60’s retro hairstyle with a high bun and center-parted mane with winged eyeliner and nude lips. At the Emmy’s the following year, Olivia chose a loose bun and flowy locks along with her beaded attire and rosy cheeks. Hairstylist Charles Dujic spoke about Wilde’s high ponytail at the Golden Globes in 2010, “I love this look on Olivia Wilde because it’s an up do that still feels full and sexy,” which she teamed with Smokey gray eyes and blush pink lips.

At the ACE Awards in 2012, she went in for a clear, almost no-makeup look. Her makeup artist Gianpaolo Ceciliato, started with a moisturizer and a good massage followed by light foundation on her forehead and chin and a darker one for her jaw, cheeks and neck.

Olivia Wilde’s hair in 2016 was loose waves and pink shadow paired with her flamboyant Michael Kors gown.


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