VSFS 2016 Latest News: Angel Adriana Lima’s Beauty Secrets for Amazing Performance in Paris

Adriana Lima
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Although the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 hasn’t premiered yet, Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima, among others, has already filmed the highly anticipated show.

A lot goes into a VS Fashion show, including creating those elaborate wings and designing the lingerie. The models themselves must undergo plenty of prep as well, such as amping up their workouts and working on their skincare routine to ensure they look flawless.

So what beauty secrets do VS Angels hold? Let’s take a closer look at the most famous Angel’s beauty look and fitness style.

Adriana Lima Fitness and Beauty Secrets

Lima is naturally beautiful, and she wants the rest of the world to see her as being a natural woman. This is why she so confidently posts pictures of herself working out, sweat and all, to show people what she really looks like. As a model, she is used to being dolled up for various shoots, but it seems that Lima is more comfortable when sweat is dripping down her face – she is highly dedicated to her fitness.

In one particular post, Lima reveals herself bare-faced and with a rosy glow as she is resting on a Bosu ball.

I AM FIRE ??????https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gPEDWGlTbLA

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When it comes to Lima’s skincare routine, she begins her day by applying sunscreen and then immediately goes to work out. Her favorite skin care products come from Herve Herau, who creates organic products.

Lima has admitted to always keeping one of his products on her wherever she goes. She has said that he creates products based on the individual and these products can also change depending on factors such as weather. Therefore, when Lima visits him, she always gets a unique treatment specially designed for her face.

As for those unexpected pimples that show up, Lima says she often lets them run their course. In Brazil, where Lima is from, they believe in applying white toothpaste to let the pimple dry out. She also recommends tea-tree oil as a remedy as well.

To achieve her everyday beauty look, Lima likes to emphasize her eyebrows by making them a bit longer. When she is with her children, she often just wears mascara and a lip balm. If she is heading out, she will opt for a red lipstick and avoid using a lip liner. Instead, she opts for a matte red.

In Brazil, they are big fans of hair wraps. To do this, you wrap your hair around your head and hold it in place using bobby pins and sleep on it. In the morning, you take out the pins and have perfect hair. Lima will also complete this process on nights when she has a nice dinner to attend or plans to go out with friends.

As for her workouts, Lima is a huge fan of boxing and running. In fact, her Instagram page is covered in photos of Lima wearing boxing gloves or hitting the bag. She has admitted that she designs her own workouts based on how she feels, so she often changes it up.

Adriana Lima continues to be one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and even at 35, she looks younger than ever. That is because she takes good care of her skin and has made working out a part of her lifestyle.


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