Want to Look Younger? Feed Your Skin More Chocolate!

Want to Look Younger Feed Your Skin More ChocolateTouted for its ability to fend off all kinds of disease, dark chocolate is good for your heart and could help to protect you against cancer. Dark chocolate is also a good mood booster and can increase your energy levels. This is all thanks to the astonishing potency of its antioxidants.

But this anti-aging food also has another health benefit that not many people know about. It’s actually the perfect ingredient for homemade anti-aging skin care recipes. A dark chocolate face mask can hydrate, rejuvenate, and tone your aged skin. When making your own homemade anti-aging skin care recipes at home, make sure to use dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa—milk chocolate just doesn’t have the same antioxidant power.

Here are three of the best homemade anti-aging skin care recipes for dark chocolate masks that will leave you looking younger and fresher.

Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipe #1: Hydrating Mask

Melt some dark chocolate in a double boiler; heat the water below the chocolate until the chocolate becomes a smooth, creamy paste. Mix in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one egg yolk. Allow the chocolate mixture to cool enough that it can be comfortably applied to the skin. Then spread it onto your face and neck area, leave it on for about 20 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.

On top of the antioxidant power of the dark chocolate in this homemade anti-aging skin care recipe, the egg yolk and olive oil provide your skin with intense moisture. Egg yolks are also high in protein, vitamin A, and other valuable nutrients that improve skin health, while the extra olive oil in homemade anti-aging skin care recipes is believed to protect against exposure to harmful UVB rays.

Want to Look Younger Feed Your Skin More ChocolateHomemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipe #2: Toning Mask

This is a homemade anti-aging skin care recipe to improve the elasticity of your facial skin, which is exposed to the elements far more frequently than any other part of your body. Your face is constantly being bombarded with UV rays, cold air, dry air, and pollution-laden moisture, all of which contribute to the compromised appearance of your skin.

To help your facial skin recover its natural beauty and tone, use the following homemade anti-aging skin care recipe for a dark chocolate toning mask. Warm dark chocolate with 70%–90% cocoa until it melts; set it aside to cool. In the meantime, blend one apple, one banana, a few strawberries, and a slice of watermelon together. Mix three tablespoons of this mixture, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, into the warmed chocolate—you can actually use what’s left of the fruit mix, since this part of the homemade anti-aging skin care recipe makes for a delicious smoothie. Apply the chocolate toning mask evenly to your face, leave it on for 20 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipe #3: Rejuvenating Mask

If your skin has gotten dry, chapped, and tired-looking, this homemade anti-aging skin care recipe for a dark chocolate rejuvenating mask is the perfect solution. In a bowl, combine one tablespoon of melted dark chocolate, one tablespoon of your favorite anti-aging skin care cream, and one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Rinse if off with lukewarm water after about 15 minutes.

The honey in this homemade anti-aging skin care recipe is a natural humectant, which means it retains water and therefore provides skin with a boost of moisture. To really get the most out of this homemade anti-aging skin care recipe, avoid using creams that contain toxic ingredients that damage your skin.


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