Winter Nail Designs 2016: How to Get Acrylic Nails, Stiletto Nails and Aquarium Nails for New Year’s

Winter Nail Designs
Credit: Michael Buckner / Staff

Nail art has come a long way from the simple french manicure to the shiny Swarovski and Rhinestone look. Nail looks have graduated from just nail lacquer status to nail art now. Every day there’s someone who comes up with a new kind of nail art, doing something amazing on the nail tables.

It’s incredible how nails set the mood and makes a style statement. The choice of nail art or color says a lot about a person’s mood. For example, rich red nails for an intense night out, flirty pastels for a day out with your friends, or clear polish when you mean business.

Nails have got their own parlors and salons now, which focus solely on nails and nail art. Getting your nails done can become very expensive. So, we have for you three types of nail art that are trending this winter that you can do yourself.  Step by step instructions are included as well as tips for the best winter nail colors.

Acrylic Nails

Begin by cleaning the nails properly. Trim them well and push down the cuticles with a cuticle stick. Next buff the nail bed nicely. Choose the right size of the nail extensions. Then treat the nails with acrylic primer as this removes oil and moisture from the nails so that the acrylic sticks on better.

Next, mix the acrylic liquid with the acrylic clear powder and place a bead of the mixture on the nail with a brush. Blend it well so that it covers the entire nail bed. Let it dry and then buff the nail again. Pick your favorite color and paint them all.

Aquarium Nails Step by Step

Start with sculpting a thin acrylic nail. Shape the sides and the tip of the nail with a nail filer. Next, trim a clear tip nail to fit on the actual nail. Leave a small gap between the nail bed and the clear tip. Next, add a little glue to hold the clear tip nail in place. Seal the edges with clear acrylic, but keep the mouth of the clear tip opened.

Now, fill in the space between the clear tip and the nail bed with glitters and then fill it up with baby oil using a dropper or a syringe. Blot away the excess oil with a tissue. Lastly, seal the opening with a dry bead of acrylic. Finish it by gently filing and buffering the rough edges. Add some embellishments and nail art to make it look more attractive.

How to Do Stiletto Nails

As the name suggests, stilettos nails are nails that are filed or sculpted to a smooth thin point. They are pointy and draw attention. One aspect to keep in mind while getting stiletto nails is the length. For example, the longer the nail, the sexier the look. So, begin by trimming the cuticles and glue the false nails. File them to a pointy end. Apply double coats of nail lacquer and you are ready to bewitch the world.