Zoe Saldana, “Guardians of the Galaxy” Beauty Shows off Makeup Free & Stylish Look for Thanksgiving Shopping

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Credit: Victor Chavez / Stringer

On a recent trip to Bristol Farms in Palm Springs, Arizona for some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping, actress Zoe Saldana impressed onlookers by appearing in simple dress and without makeup. The Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy beauty is known to look especially stylish during red carpet events and in various movie roles—especially where’s she’s involved with more physical or action-oriented performances. Yet her simple stylish look in blue jeans, knee-high black boots, a sweater and collared shirt captured the attention of many, and has since triggered much interest in her fashion sense. Her secrets of looking stylish even under the most casual conditions is now being sought after and, as it turns out, easy to attain.

Regular Care

Like many of her Hollywood peers, Saldana hardly looks her age—in her case 38. And like many of her peers in Hollywood, she has her own skincare routine that helps maintain her glowing skin. Since she’s lived and worked in both the East and West Coast, she knows how much weather in each place can affect one’s skin, as well as the climate conditions for the actress shooting in various global climates. Particularly in the West Coast, Saldana has often claimed the humidity there dries and chaps her skin, leaving it itchy and flaky. She publicly said that washing one’s face twice a day is pertinent, especially in cities “with so much pollution.” She stands by certain skin products to help her skin appear better, including La Prairie Cellular Infusion which she says makes her skin feels “rejuvenated” after using it. Along with regular cleansing, she’s confessed to doing regular exfoliation via microdermabrasion treatments, but only slightly as it can cause acne in people with acne-prone skin.

Moisture and Routines

Since Saldana admits to actually enjoying taking care of her skin on a regular basis, it comes as no surprise that she’s developed regular routines to keep herself looking great. No matter where she goes or how often she travels, she makes time for applying skin moisturizer and sunblock—especially in dry or overly hot climates both in and outside the United States. Her preferred skin moisturizer is Cetaphil and Sshe also uses Carmex to help keep her lips equally moisturized. She also regularly applies moisturizer to her long black hair to avoid the hair splitting that might happen in these drier locations.

What’s even more revealing is that she doesn’t go into extravagances in keeping up with good body and beauty care. She’s joked about disregarding any hip or fad-ish skincare-beauty treatments that promise skin of the eternal youth variety. She favors Costco towels that she buys in bulk to maintain her glowing look. Now that’s she’s a working actress but full-time mom of twins, Zoe Saldana still manages to keep herself looking radiant by establishing a strong personal method of skincare and using techniques that are easy for others to use as well.



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